Have You Seen Matt Mullaney?

If you have information that may help us in our search, please call Terri Mullaney at 781-545-6995 or e-mail her at T2Kel@aol.com

Date of Birth:
November 5, 1981
175 lbs.
Dark Brown, Thick & Wavy
Eye Color:
Distinguishing Features:
Tattoo of a flaming shamrock on upper back, pierced ears (but no earrings), and surgical scar on left ankle.
Interpol #:
20030404956/FUG Washington 5B/149275/03 London
Please Contact:
Terri Mullaney at 781-545-6995
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We are (Matt Mullaney's family), a family desperate to find our son/brother. His gentle spirit, quick wit and beautiful smile is missing from our lives. Matt is loved and missed by so many. We have been relentless in our search for him since February of 2003. Please take the time to look at his face ( and read our story) We know this is our only hope of receiving word about him. We have faith that someone out there has an answer for us. We hope and pray that you will come forward. Please help us find Matt…

Terri, Michael, and Meg Mullaney
Matthew’s family and many friends

January of 2003 was the last time any of us saw or spoke with Matt. He left home to study at the Angel Academy of Art in Florence. His calls home were full of news of new friends made, how beautiful Florence was and how much he was looking forward to connecting with other friends abroad for a trip to Amsterdam in March. His art course was tough, he said. "A lot of criticism but not much praise" were his words. But he knew he was working with the masters and expected somewhat of a challenge. He was attending the Angell Academy of Art for a semester. Because of his love and incredible talent in art he had decided ,along with us, that this was an opportunity for him to explore. Since his two years of college in Connecticut didn’t seem to work out for him we encouraged him to follow his passion – art and music.

All seemed to be going fine until February 3, 2003 when we received a call that Matt hadn’t returned to his apartment since Friday evening, (January 31). He told his roommate he was heading out to the Lions Fountain Irish pub in Florence. A local pub frequented by American students. According to the staff, his behavior was normal and he was chatting with other students in the bar while there. At 2:30am he left – the staff not sure if he was alone or had connected with others outside the pub. That was the last anyone has seen or heard from Matt.

According to Florence police there was no evidence of foul play. He has not used his credit, phone or ATM cards since that evening. Thank you all for taking the time to look at Matt's photos and to read our letter. We continue to have faith and we will continue our search until we find Matt.

Matt Mullaney: Florence, Italy, January 2003

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